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Who the Heck are These Guys?

Posted by -Slamel- On Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Welcome to Elitist Book Reviews

So who are we?

Just a couple of people with much better taste in books than you.

So, we figured since all our friends, our family, our acquaintances, and even random strangers in bookstores (including, sadly, the employees of the bookstores) come to us for book advice, that we may as well give this kind of advice on a psuedo-professional level.

We post reviews primarily for Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, and Mystery novels, but really we read whatever the heck we want. Our reviews will be posted during the week, with the weekends as our time to relax.

We hope you enjoy the spoiler-free reviews, and we will do our best to best to tell you what books to either avoid, borrow, or buy. You should do exactly what we say.


And in case you are wondering, we will be brutal, and we will be mean if we don’t like the book. That’s part of the fun isn’t it?